Friday, 6 July 2012


NaomiCF allows you to write all your Naomi 1 / 2 rom files to compact flash (CF) card to be played on the real hardware. This will require a Sega CF box / card or home made reader and any card when using dimm v4.02 firmware (check older posts).

I am guessing this works on Chihiro and Triforce too but I no longer have the hardware to check.

If you use this software please buy a registration code and support the author.



  1. My Experience:

    I tried out this utility with a IDE CF adaptor and a 4GB Kingston CF card.

    For some unknown reason the program could not flash the game (shikigami no Shiro) while using the adaptor, so i just grapped the drive ID.

    I then flashed the card using the usb reader, using the drive ID i got from using the IDE adaptor, since you cannot get a drive ID via the USB reader.

    Then everything should be fine and dandy - or so i thought.

    The machine refused to boot from the card showing the 'option bord error' - I then tried to reformat and reflash to no avail.

    Luckily i have a working Ikaruga CF card - and i decided to take a closer look at the files on the two cards and compare them.

    The Ikaruga card contain the GAME.BIN and a smaller 4kb sized XYZ.BIN file.

    My homemade Shikigami card contain the GAME.BIN and a smaller ABC.BIN file - also 4 kilobytes.

    The content of the small files was almost identical so i decided not to change the ABC.BIN file - except for renaming it to XYZ.BIN - as it is on the working card.

    With no more options left, i tried out the card in the naomi again - and very much against my expectations, the thing booted right up after the initial system checks, with no problems at all !

    I am going to test other games in the coming days, but i assume they all work since its decrypted .DAT files also used with the Makaron emulator.

    I am running a Naomi2 with a 256mb netdimm flashed with the 4.02 firmware from this site, and the official Sega CF box, and the official power supply.

    Bottom line is, if you games dont boot after you have flashed them, just try renaming the ABC.BIN to XYZ.BIN.

    Kudos go to Ace' - and the author of NaomiCF.


  2. Thanks for your comment Solei and pleased to hear you got it all working. I should of mentioned this before, the netboot / null pic what ever you want to call it is what calls the xxx.bin file. Depending on where you got it this will either be ABC.bin or XYZ.bin, since this software uses ABC.bin pic sellers should start using ABC.

    So in short if you're able to reprogram your pic change XYZ to ABC or you will have to rename the file on your cf card every time you reflash it.

  3. Just a little update.

    I ordered a bunch of the cheapest new CF cards i could find
    (Best Media Compact Flash 1GB Platinum for 7,93 EUR a piece)
    And they work with no problems.

    Before i flashed the game images to the cf cards, i tested them out on a microdrive, (Seagate 2,5GB st1 Drive) which fit in and works just fine with the Naomi CF system. I did so to save the flash cards from possible wear caused by reformatting and reflashing.

    For now i have successfully tested following games:

    Border Down
    Dead or Alive 2 Millennium
    Guilty Gear XX Reload
    Psyvariar 2
    Trigger Heart Exelica
    Under Defeat
    Virtua Fighter 4 Final Tuned

    I am one happy camper now.


  4. Has anybody tested 4.02 on a Chihiro 3 with CF card?

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  6. The download after following the link isn't working (lands you on a dead page) and I've searched the webs for another download of it to no avail.Can it be found under another description or is there a manual process i can go through to build the cards? Much appreciated!

  7. ok - so so you need a specific drive to pull the images from the original Disks, or can you use any standard generic pc drive?

    Would love to be able to put all my games on CF rather than Disk and Chip, since it would save them being ruined by the kids. Netbooting is fine for less hassle, however you still have to get pc/networking sorted. Switching off, changing card and rebooting is MUCH easier (and in my case, less danger of breakage by the kids!)

  8. sorry the link don't work the downloads is not avaiable,please replace,thanks

  9. Hi,

    I have uploaded both the NaomiCF utility, the patched 4.02 firmware, and a normal 4.01 firmware - all in one file:

    Archive password: TheRealDeal1956

    Have fun!

  10. I found some info here
    NaomiCF, firmware, pic reader

  11. does anyone have zero key secuirty chip .hex file please?

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  13. Hello,

    Is it possible with this SW to upload GD-ROM games to a CF card?