Thursday, 10 October 2019

Street Fighter 2 CE / HF to HF Turbo conversion

It's quite well known and documented that you can convert Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition to Hyper Fighting by simply replacing the three program eproms (6F, 7F and 8F).

Turbo Hyper Fighting upgrade / conversion isn't quite as simple, it also requres three graphics roms to be replaced. You will need the sf2hfj rom from mame (and sf2hf if going from CE).

First burn the program rom 23 location 8F on to a 27C4096/27C4002. Next burn the four graphics roms 3C - 6C on to 27C400 eproms and now for the part that caused me some confusion, roms 4C and 5C need to be swapped, so 4C in 5C and 5C in 4C.

If you started with a Champion Edition board you'll also need to replace eproms 21 and 22 (6F, 7F).

I also suggest installing a 12mhz oscillator in place of the original 10mhz if you don't have a 'dash' motherboard, so that the game runs are the correct speed.

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